Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 1

I began the 21 Days of Prayers for sons today. I'm going to admit....I was a bit daunted by the task of praying ten times. I pray throughout the day, don't get me wrong, but this was a sitting down and praying for a specific thing. I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down and prayed, just opened my bible and prayed. Sad huh?

I also felt a bit awkward reading pre-written words, almost like a script. But as the day went on and I prayed for Andrew, the words came from my mouth much more naturally. God's word is perfect. This is known....but these are also the perfect words to pray when you don't know exactly what to say.

Obedience was the subject today. Obedience and a nearly 22 month old aren't not things that you commonly hear together. And...I'm a "laid back" parent as it is. Other than typical things "Don't torture the dog", "Pee IN your potty", "Don't dunk your cars in your yogurt", Andrew doesn't have a lot of "rules". He does choose to ignore me quite often though...and all too often I've let it slide.

But as I prayed today, I realized that letting it slide is really only hurting Andrew in the long run. Now...I'm not about to become some crazy rule driven parent...but I do see the importance of Andrew learning to obey his parents. Why?

This is why, and the part stuck out to me --- the author and her husband attended a workshop about relationships prior to their marriage. One speaker made the point:

"If your man cannot submit to Jesus, he cannot lead you. A man must be willing to be led before he can truly lead."

That hit home. If my son does not learn the importance of obedience while he is young and at home, he will not learn later how to lead his family, be a leader in the Church, or lead others to Christ.

I feel like I need to pray more.......

Acts 5:29, John 15:10, John 14:15

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  1. I too have begun the challenge. Yesterday I thought all was going very well, until one of my boys threw me for a loop. Needless to say, I failed on day 1. I got upset. Satan is seeking those he may devour and was ready to pounce on our home.

    Praying today is awesome for you and yours . . .