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Waldorf Inspired, set of six, Wool Rock Pods from Wooly Topic - $36.15 (ARV 11/25 - Worldwide)

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Please continue reading to learn more about Wooly Topic, which is offering our readers a giveaway of Waldorf Inspired, set of six, Wool Rock Pods, a value of $36.15 (USD).

About the Company

Wooly Topic is a Canadian based company focusing on wool and lavender. All items are handmade and created from local resources. Wooly Topic has not only toys, but also home decor and jewelry.

About the Product

We reviewed the Wool Rock Pods. They arrived right before my second son was born, so I was delighted to introduce a new toy to my oldest that was safe for him to play with around the baby. 

Andrew is three and these rocks fit perfectly into his hands. He was delighted by the colors, the size and how soft they are. I love the fact that they are lightweight and no matter how hard my son threw them, they didn't hurt or break anything. It's a perfect indoor toy in that regard. You can tell the rock pods are made with attention to detail and carefully constructed due to the fact they are uniform in size and shape.

The rock pods became a big part of all his favorite games. They were dinosaur eggs in a nest, rocks/mountain for a monster truck race, and toted around in a dump truck. I took pictures of the various ways I found the rocks, every time it made me laugh and be inspired by his creativity.

Because the rock pods are lightweight, they are easy to tote around in busy bags and in the car. The only problem we have come across with the rocks is, in typical toddler fashion, they are easy to lose. We have misplaced each rock pod at least once, but they have turned up within a day or two. My son likes to hide them in shoes, which they fit perfectly in shoes. 
The rocks are handmade, tough and sturdy, which was perfect for my rough-n-tumble little boy. They were quickly a favorite toy and taken everywhere. Because my son loves to play outside I was a bit concerned about the wool remaining brightly colored and clean, particularly the yellow one. However, cleaning was easy. Aylln, who owns Wooly Topic, e-mailed me the following directions for cleaning, and it made it quite easy to take care of them:

"It's BEST to just spot clean them, mild soap and water and just rub away.  If they get completely dirty for some reason, like dropped into a puddle, they CAN be put into the washing machine, but be aware they MIGHT shrink a bit.  To put them in the washing machine, I suggest putting them inside a pillow case and tying a knot.  To help avoid shrinking, I would let them air dry, but again, they CAN be put in the dryer safely.
Also, as a tid bit, I suggest that to keep them looking brand new, take a clothes shaver to them every once in a while, when they get 'fuzzy' like wool naturally does.  The clothes shaver won't damage the fibers at all and removes all excess that has fuzzed or balled."
The best part of this toy was watching my son's imagination at work. He came up with some really imaginative ways to use them and incorporate them into his other toys. I would highly recommend this toy for any young child. 

My son, pretending to be a dinosaur and making his "nest", using the rock pods.

Pretending to lay eggs (which are also rock pods) in the nest.


You can purchase your own Wool Rock Pods at Wooly Topic on Etsy. They are $35.00 CAN (36.15 USD), plus $6.10 for shipping to the US from Canada ($9.90 for everywhere else.)

And just for Natural Parents Network and Our Crazy Corner of the World readers, Wooly Topic is giving a 10% discount on all orders from now through 12/30/2012. Enter code celebration10 during the ordering process. Make sure you check out the lavender dryer balls and the felted jewelry!


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The winner will receive one set of Waldorf Inspired, set of six, Wool Rock Pods. Contest is open WORLDWIDE.


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