Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday in Pictures

Today we celebrated a history of genocide. Or, at least that's what everyone on FB was complaining about. My husband and I however, we just enjoyed the day off.

Here's our pictures. 

10:15 am -- Philip finished cutting grass in the backyard and we discover FOUR watermelons on the vine. Apparently we gave up on our garden too soon. Three days of rain have revived this sturdy plant!

11:00 am -- I start a 15 minute decluttering session in the office. It doesn't look bad but um...there were papers EVERYWHERE. They are all now either trashed, shredded or filed. And our office/guest bedroom is in order. Near perfect order. 



2:00pm - Whole Foods. Where we spent $30.75 on five items. I'm reminded why I don't shop there. It is out of the way and overpriced. Thankfully I had a $20 gift card so it was only $10.75 out of pocket...but still.  

4:25 pm - Start our pumpkin. I don't like carving pumpkins. Eek. I can't wait to show y'all the finished product! 

6:30pm - Dinner. Potato chowder with chicken salad. Very filling. Hubby was a happy man. 

The day ended with a video chat with the in-laws, a cookie and an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Today was good. Productive. Today was a wonderful family day. I don't think pictures can express that!



  1. aw nobody on my FB list posted about genocide- I would've been the only one ;)

    Nice stuff... go watermelon!!!