Saturday, April 9, 2011

Philip and I got to have a date night last night! It was great! :D

We dropped Andrew off with his "Mimi" around 5pm and switched cars with my mom. Switching cars is so much easier than taking a carseat out of a car and putting it into another car. ;) We had about two hours to kill before the movie so we went to Barnes and Noble. I could spend all day in a book store! After browsing for awhile, I snuggled with in a big comfy chair next to Philip and flipped through a magazine about gluten-free living and The Portable Pediatrician by the Sears family. Philip got himself a stack of gun and knife was so nice to sit and relax!

We then left and went to the Container Store. Every item we looked at, Philip had to show me how to use it as a weapon. I don't know what that was about but he had me laughing so hard. He's so goofy.

Around 6:45 we headed over to the Drafthouse. I bought a Groupon several months ago --- 20 bucks for two movie tickets, two dinners and two drinks. Our waiter brought us a free appetizer after finding out Philip was in the military. He said "Man...all this talk of government shut-down, here's some free food!" We was nice to joke about it for a minute, cause it had been upsetting me earlier...just the situation and listening to EVERYONE freak out and pass around a ridiculous amount of bad information! :P

The movie started at 7:15, we saw previews for the upcoming Fast and Furious movie (It's like Furious 5 or something...I dunno, Vin Diesel is still insanely good looking so, I kinda missed the title of the movie! Side note...someone once told me my husband looks like Vin Diesel and Bobby Cannavale mixed together...that's a nice compliment!), Anonymous (something about Shakespeare not really being Shakespeare) and Thor --- which looks really good! :D

We saw Hanna --- interesting movie. I enjoyed it....Philip said he hopes his daughter is that "strong" and that good of a hunter.

After the movie we went to the Cheesecake Factory. Last time we ate there we got a gift card for filling out a survey. It was ten we got two pieces of cheesecake and just paid the extra six bucks. :) Cheesecake was so so yummy! wasn't gluten-free and wow, I'm paying for it with a massive headache and nausea. :P was so nice to have date night with hubby and only spend six bucks! :D

We will be leaving here in a few minutes to go pick up Andrew....he had fun with his Mimi and Poppa!


I've been gluten-free for six days as of today. I was very overwhelmed and shocked on Monday and Tuesday...and I wasn't as prepared food-wise as I thought. I remedied that with a shopping trip on Wednesday. I could tell a big difference by Thursday. No fatigue, nausea, body aches...I felt REALLY good. Friday I felt even better.

Today the headache and nausea are back...they pretty much started within an hour of eating that cheesecake. But man...cheesecake factory...almost worth it! ;)

I'm still learning so much though, but I'm finding lots of good recipes and foods. I'm still leaning heavily on boxed mixes and some convenience foods while I try to navigate through everything! But I feel good. I'm still not entirely convinced this isn't a fluke but I'm pretty happy so far. :)


The 21 Days of Prayer is still going really well. The best part of the whole thing is the improvement in my prayer life. It's made a big difference. :)  I will do an update about it on Monday and cover the topics I haven't covered yet!

*** is time to shower and get ready and go get my little boy! Momma misses him!!! :D

Much love everyone, have a great weekend!!!


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