Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Project - Couch Makeover!

This weekend I accomplished a project I've been wanting to do for at least a year. I recovered our couch cushions!

My husband bought this couch from Big Lots when he moved to Texas. He had a limited budget, an apartment to furnish and Big Lots was close.

When we first started hanging out, he invited me over one night to watch a movie. I made him brownies and he decided we should watch The Descent. Since we were just getting to know each other, he was on one side of the couch and I was on the other. Maybe 15-20 minutes into the movie I flew across the couch and buried my face in his shoulder. From then on, whenever we watched a movie, we sat close to each other. So, even though the couch is cheap and not the best material, it has a lot of sentimental value.

Plus....I prefer to fix something if possible. And we have a dog and two small kids. Buying a new couch just seemed like a really dumb idea. We can get nice furniture when the kids are older. ;)

Last summer I noticed the couch was "peeling". Between a dog who I'm pretty sure camps out on the couch when we are gone, and a toddler, it was only a matter of time.

Peeling and Rips
Kind of sad looking.

Covered with a blanket to prevent further ripping/tearing.


Then last October we discovered some huge rips in it. I had plans to make covers for it but the holidays hit, then I got pregnant and very sick, then the couch went into storage for six months while Philip was away at tech school and Andrew and I lived with my parents. we are here and fixing the cushions was priority number one. Last week I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out fabric. Fabric was on sale for 30% off, and I got three yards. I also picked up upholstery thread, new sewing machine needles and zippers. All my materials cost less than $50.

Yesterday I started sewing. JohnDavid however is having a growth spurt or something but, he is nursing every five minutes. So I only finished one cushion. Over the course of the day, I finished the other two. After JohnDavid and Andrew were in bed, I put in the zipper on the last cushion and collapsed in relief. Yay, new couch!

I had to separate the dots from all going the same way because it hurt my eyes when they were. 

Close up of the fabric.

I have a pillow in the recliner that has these colors, and then I have enough extra fabric to make another pillow, probably for the little wooden bench by the fire place. 

I'm pretty happy, I love how it turned out!

The next project.......cloth blocks as a gift for JohnDavid for Christmas!


  1. Nicely done. I want to do this (also have a leather couch that is also falling apart in the same places), but ours has cushions that are attached (this seemed like a good idea when we found the couch for cheap and in great condition on CL... after all, no cleaning under couch cushions... now I wish they were detachable :() as well as a chaise end. I may have to find some sort of fix like this, though, because I really don't have the money to buy a new one and like the shape of this one for the space we have. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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