Monday, April 8, 2013

Six Months In

It's hard for me to comprehend that my youngest is almost seven months. He's closer to a year than he is to being a newborn, and he's almost been earthside, in my arms, longer than I carried him inside.

JohnDavid at birth.
So how's life you may be wondering. How is the transition from one child to two children?

Honestly, some days it is a breeze. Some days the planets align, my kids are happy, laid back, easy-going and I think "Oh man, I'm super mom. I should have more kids!!" Then most days it's 4pm and I'm in my pjs and my kids are dumping out dog food or painting the carpet and I'm refraining from calling the doctor to request a tubal. Those days are simply that...just "those days".
JohnDavid, taking a nursing break.

I was lamenting to Philip a few days ago that I never get to finish a cup of coffee without having to reheat it. Ever. Morning coffee was my "time" when it was just Andrew and I. We snuggled in bed....he looked at his books and drank his milk or nursed, and I drank my coffee while reading to him or while we watched a show.

Not so much now. JohnDavid is WAY to busy to snuggle in the morning. He needs to go, go, go....go after brother, go after Bella, attack the cords to every.single.item.that.has.cords, and topple off the bed head first. And he laughs this loud, manic laugh as you try to prevent him from destroying everything. Have I mentioned he can't quite crawl yet?

So I put my coffee down and I forget it while I break up yet another fight between Andrew and "scratchy boy" (as Andrew has so affectionately nicknamed him.)

And the day goes on like that.

The differences between JohnDavid and Andrew are astonishing to me. They are like night and day in their differences. So in a lot of ways it is like learning to be a mother all over again.

Something are easier. Breastfeeding is easier this time around. Sleep (um, lack of sleep) is a bit easier this time around. I find that *most* days I am a bit more centered, patient and gentle. My confidence from "been there, done that" has increased.

Somethings are much harder. Getting everyone ready and out the door. Housekeeping. Feeding myself. Basically any type of self-care is much harder. Finding time for my husband.

Overall, this transition has been smoother than I expected. I think this has happened for several reasons. JohnDavid is a happy baby and easy-going, though extremely busy. His desposition has really helped make things smoother. Also I gave myself a huge break in expectations. I still keep up with my housekeeping schedule, but I take the weekends off. I exercise, but if I miss a day I don't care. I purposefully plan quick, easy meals several times a week instead of long, drawn out detailed meals. Thanks to Pinterest, they are still just as yummy! My husband is working a new schedule so we spend the mornings together before he heads to work after lunch.

We are happy and enjoying life. Today the boys sat on the floor and played together for almost an hour. I folded laundry and browsed Pinterest, enjoying watching them interact. I'm looking forward to more times like that.

And maybe as we have more times like that, my confidence will grow more and we can go from two kiddos to three? Hmmmm.....

My wonderful, sweet, happy, silly boys.

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