Friday, August 17, 2012

Felt and Button Memory Game Tutorial

My son loves to play Memory. Mostly he plays it on my phone but I wanted to make him his own game he could carry around.

I love felt, so I got the idea to make a felt memory game. It's been in my head for a month or two and I have seen similar felt card games floating around Etsy. Today I finally sat down and made it!

Here's a simple, brief tutorial.

What you need:
- Felt (preferably two different colors). If you buy the precut felt sheets at Hobby Lobby or a craft store, one sheet of each color is enough for 12 cards.
-Measuring Tape
-Buttons (make sure you have equal amounts of each type of button!)
-Thread (I like to use a thread that contrasts with the colors of felt I choose)
-Sewing Machine (optional, you could just use a glue gun for the whole thing)
-Glue gun

1. Cut the felt into "card shape" rectangles. I measured them to be 4 inches long by 3 inches wide. 

2. Match up each rectangle with the other color. I chose green and brown, so each card had a brown face and green back.

 3. Sew! Or hot glue. My sewing machine was out, threaded and ready to go so I opted to sew!

4. After sewing all the pieces together, cut off any uneven edges. Make sure you don't cut through the stitch!

Before and after -- cutting around the seam.

5. Now it's time to add the buttons! I organized them first to make it easy to grab what I needed. I glued them on directly to the felt. 

6. Let the glue dry completely. It comes up through the button holes and makes a mess if you don't. And it's hot. Luckily glue gun glue dries pretty quickly. 

7. Tie with ribbon (if giving as a gift). The ribbon is a good way to keep them together too, though a plastic bag would also suffice. 

8. can just start a game. My son loved them!

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