Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Changes

Back in October we found out that my husband would be switching career fields. Basically the Air Force said "You are no longer needed in your career field, here's a new one."

We were told he would leave in early April for Tech School, graduate in late August and we would move sometime in September. Of course, in typical military fashion, they felt no need to tell us WHERE we would go.

So we've been waiting. My non-pregnant self would probably handle this much better, the whole not knowing where we are going thing. My pregnant self...ha, totally different ball game. There is something about not knowing where you will raise your child that sets momma a bit, um, on edge?

We had several different bases mentioned; from Eglin AFB in Florida to Mountain Home AFB in Idaho....all over the place. We knew we wouldn't stay here because Philip's new job isn't here, we also knew there were several states we didn't want to end up in, as well as we knew there were several things we wanted wherever we ended up. We wanted small town life, San Antonio is just too big. We wanted an area with a strong church. We wanted a state that was gun friendly, homeschool friendly and homebirth friendly. We liked the idea of living in the south to stay close to family, but we also liked the idea of moving further away to be able to "BE" our own family.

Last Monday my husband got his assignment.

Looks like we are moving to South Dakota! Ellsworth AFB to be exact.

The more I read about Rapid City, the more excited I get. Small town life, outdoors stuff (I'm not really "outdoorsy", but my husband is), and I've talked to several members of the church there and discovered they are friendly and welcoming! South Dakota is a gun friendly state, relatively homeschool friendly (no huge restrictions) and I'm still looking at homebirth regulations.

Mostly, the place seems to be very "live and let live", which we desperately need after living in what seems like constant disapproval at times here. I love Texas, but in general people here are very stuck on appearances. I've never fit in the "social/cultural norm" for many areas, but it is a fact which seems to be regularly blown out of proportion here.

There are a lot of things I will miss here. Amid the "appearance is everything" attitude, I've found a spot with local friends who accept me for me. Regardless of whether I'm breastfeeding my toddler or dying my hair pink, they've been an amazing support. I will miss them.

I'll miss the easy access to activities like Sea World and Six Flags, the zoo, the river. I will miss access to lots of health food stores, and they are building a Trader Joe's RIGHT after we move.

I won't miss the driving. I won't miss the ridiculous heat.

I will miss the coast, and summer beach trips.

I won't miss the size of this town, though I will miss the things that a big town offers.

Did I mention I won't miss the driving here?

Regardless, we are looking forward to this next big adventure in our lives. But first we have to go through the other big adventure -- welcoming either Liberty Magnolia or JohnDavid McKinely into our family in late August/early September! :)

Have you ever had a big move with little ones in tow? How did it go?


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  1. We moved from AZ to CA when Kelvin was 4 months old.. it's actually easier the younger they are cause they sleep more ;) So you can get more done. It is hard when they are in boob mode though and you can't put them down, but you will have the AF to move your stuff so I think you guys will handle it! Just take your time unpacking when you get there, get out the necessities and allow yourself time to get the rest unpacked, don't put pressure on yourself, enjoy your itty baby! I love the names btw!