Monday, October 24, 2011

Going on a Spoon Hunt

Nope, not bear hunt. Spoon hunt.

The toddler has a sudden fascination with utensils....spoons to be exact. So every night, after we pick-up toys but before the bedtime routine starts...we go on a spoon hunt.

You see, throughout the day the toddler runs into the kitchen, grabs some kind of spoon out of the drawer or from the pretty red utensil holder and then runs away. He beats it on the table, drums on his bed, you know...the musical aspect of a spoon. We've also had several talks lately about why the dog doesn't make a good drum.. But there are other things that spoon(s) can be.

Race tracks. Slides for dinosaurs. Line up a bunch of spoons leaning against something and you've got a train tunnel. Except the train doesn't fit through it, but Mater it is a "Mater tunnel". Hats. Swords. Guns. Thankfully he hasn't discovered spoons make excellent catapults. That will come with time, no need to rush.

Today the spoon was used for feeding the dog her little piece at a time. Bella was not amused, but she had no other choice seeing as how the toddler and his little naked butt were blocking her food bowl. Thank you God for a patient dog. Seriously, thank you.

I continually find spoons in the garden. I also find them in the trash can and the compost pile. These get soaked, washed and then soaked and washed again....just so you all know. (Amazingly enough, no spoons have ended up in the toilet or diaper pail.)

Most bizarre place I've found a spoon? In the A/C vent. It is Andrew's favorite hiding spot. We found Philip's wedding ring in there.

After we locate *most* of the spoons, I wash them. Some of them twice.

Oh my, if these spoons could talk. They would have fantastic adventures to tell me. Or maybe they'd beg to go to Goodwill.


  1. So funny! I just found three spoons in a quiet corner of our kitchen while cleaning up after putting my favorite toddler down for a nap. I'm not sure why kitchen utensils have such appeal, but they seem to be quite exciting!

  2. My 19 months old newest thing is knives, butter knives that is. He get them from the silverware drawer, even when the baby gate is up, and tries to hid with it.